About Us

Cuddle Berries is the latest offering in children’s learning from Anibrain, one of India’s leading VFX facility.

Anibrain has had a keen interest in developing fun filled children’s educational content through interactive multimedia, on its Mocomi platform. With Mocomi, we have endeavoured to present informative, educational, well researched and visually appealing content that caters to children from the age of 7 to 14 years. We believe that quality education should be available to every child.

With Cuddle Berries, we will cater to children of younger ages, from a few months old to 6 years. We have developed nursery rhymes, with world class animation. The appealing and colourful visuals help a child engage and sing a-long with a familiar rhyme and exciting music.

Research has shown children love to sway, move and get involved in variations in tones and vocal modulation, sometimes even imitating sounds to communicate. Repetition of rhymes and singing helps a child develop language skills and creates a desire to read and write.

Rhymes with visuals help a child form word and sound associations. While the child is still learning to speak, a word which is distinctly easy to verbalise and is repeated, is often picked up faster by the child.

Do enjoy the Cuddle Berries experience. Join us for a sing a long with your child!

Our vision

Cuddle Berries believes a sing along approach to learning in the formative years of a child’s life are the crucial building blocks of a happy, creative and confident child.

Our mission

To help create a fun filled environment of rhymes and rhythms for tiny minds. An interactive platform for both parents and children to connect and reconnect to a sense of wonder and joy with colours, shapes, words and sounds.